Elevating Extensions: The Importance of Eyelash Curls

Eyelash Extensions, a popular beauty enhancement, offer instant drama, volume, and length to a client’s natural lashes. But when it comes to achieving a perfect set of fluttery extensions, it's not just about length and thickness. The Curl of these extensions is equally as important, playing a critical role in the overall aesthetic and functionality of the eyelashes. But what’s so special about them? Let's delve into the intrinsic value of eyelash curls when it comes to extensions.

The Art of the Curl

A beautifully curled Eyelash Extension can have several impacts:

Eye Enhancement: Just like with natural lashes, the curl in eyelash extensions opens up the eyes, making them appear more vibrant and awake. A good curl can accentuate the shape of the eye, providing depth and dimension. Whether one desires a subtle, natural, or a dramatic look, the curl can make all the difference.

Versatility: Lash extensions come in various curl types, ranging from the gentle lift of a J-Curl to the bold arch of a D-Curl. This variety allows Lash Artists to choose a curl that complements their client’s natural eyelashes and achieves the desired lash set, be it subtle and elegant, bold and glamorous, or anywhere in between.

Infographic of London Lash Curls

The Science Behind the Curl

London Lash eyelash extensions are crafted from hypoallergenic synthetic fibres. Unlike the outdated real mink or silk lash extensions, the fibres have specific properties that hold the curl over time. When choosing extensions, it's crucial to ensure that the curl you choose aligns well with your client’s natural lashes, as droopy extensions can weigh down the natural lashes, leading to potential damage.

The Lash Curls

  • B Lash Curl:  The B Curl is a very subtle and natural-looking lash curl that offers an everyday natural finish - perfect for most clients who seek natural-looking Classic lash extensions. Available in short lengths, the B Curl is perfect for bottom lash extensions too, which makes this curl super versatile in comparison to other curls.
  • C Lash Curl:  The C Curl is often described as a ‘medium curl’ which makes it a popular and suitable choice for most clients. It adds a noticeable lift to the client’s lashes and opens up the eyes with a subtle yet definitive effect. A C Curl lash extension is suitable for most, if not all, lash styles, which is why it is available in our entire range of lash extensions.
  • CC Lash Curl:  The sister of the C Curl, the CC Curl offers a slightly more elevated and lifted finish. This is ideal for clients who desire more lift than a C but still want subtlety and less drama than perhaps a D Curl. The CC Curl can help to create a wide-eyed look and is super versatile to fit with various lash styles and, therefore, clients too.
  • D Lash Curl:  The D Curl is a strong curl that resembles the shape of the letter D. It is a dramatic and noticeable lifting curl, making it the perfect choice for clients who seek bold and glamorous looks. This curl is available in our full range of eyelash extensions as we believe the D Curl offers versatility, drama, and effectiveness for most clients and all desired lash styles.
  • J Lash Curl:  The J Curl is gentle when it comes to lift as it mimics the natural curl of many clients’ natural lashes. Some would call this curl the most ‘natural-looking’ in our collection. While it doesn’t offer a major lift, it is suitable as a modest enhancement, resulting in a fairly natural lash look. The versatility of this lash curl makes it also a great curl to use for bottom lash extensions too, as the natural curl won’t interfere with the client’s under-eye.
  • L Lash Curl:  Featuring a right angle lift, especially at the base. It’s great for straight lashes or hooded eyelids, and provides maximum lift without the curl's roundness. When it comes to Fox or Cat Eye lash styles, the L Curl becomes an instant hot commodity. The right angle lift at the base creates fierce and bold lash sets. The curl’s rounded upward appearance gives off a rather natural look in comparison to its counterpart, the Extreme L Curl.
  • Extreme L Lash Curl:  This lash curl features an almost 90-degree lift from the base, resembling the letter L. Unlike the L Curl, the Extreme L Curl does not have a rounded lift, it has a very pronounced and dramatic look, which is perfect for the ultimate fierce Cat Eye lash style. Clients with hooded eyes would benefit from this lash curl, though it is suitable for many bold and extreme lash-loving customers.
  • LC Lash Curl:  Hybrid of L and C-Curls. It has a straight lift at the base that appears to transition into a C-Curl - combining the benefits of both L and C curls for a unique look. The straight lift at the base of an L Curl transitions into the lift of a C Curl, which in combination with both is ideal for a pronounced yet very natural appearance.
  • M Lash Curl:  The M Curl is a gorgeous alternative to the L Curl; while it features an extreme lift, the curl at the base of the lash makes it a more natural-looking option than the L or Extreme L Curl lashes. Also perfect for drama and boldness, the M Curl is a lifting and pointed lash curl which can create definition and fiercely bold lash sets, especially for Cat Eye lash styles.

London Lash carries this wide range of curls in different varieties of eyelash extensions, from Individual Lash Extensions, to Premade Fans, Premade Spikes, and Easy Fanning Lashes. Check out our handy chart to see which curl is available with which collection:

Chart Displaying Every London Lash Curl in Available Collection

The Role of a Lash Technician

A significant portion of picking the perfect curl lies in the hands of the Lash Technician. Lash Techs understand the intricacies of different curl types and can guide clients towards the best choice based on their natural lashes, eye shape, and desired outcome. The application process of extensions is meticulous. Technicians should ensure that each extension, with its inherent curl, is attached securely and at the right angle. There is nothing worse than a curl that is unsuitable for a client’s eyes and interferes and annoys them by touching the top of their eyelid, or one that creates a droopy appearance, and very importantly, the suitable lash curl for clients who wear glasses, which you can read about here. This precision is vital for achieving a consistent curl across all lashes. A professional should also advise clients on how to care for their extensions to maintain the curl. Using the right products, such as Lash Shampoo, and avoiding behaviours that can alter the curl, such as rubbing the eyes or using extreme heat around the eyes, are essential for the longevity of the overall look and the extensions themselves.


In the world of eyelash extensions, the curl is always ever-evolving. It determines how the eyes are framed, the overall aesthetic of the face, and even the health and longevity of both the extensions and natural lashes. As extensions continue to grow in popularity, understanding the significance of the curl and entrusting its application to skilled professionals becomes all the more crucial. The perfect curl can be the difference between good extensions and exceptional ones.